7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Strategy

To play a winning hand of 7 card stud hi-lo, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. First you need to know what the hands are, and what hands will win. The hands are from lowest to highest, with the highest hand being the one that wins the most often.

Winning Card Combos

The ace is the highest card in the deck when you play 7 card hi lo. There are many times when people will chase a pair of aces, only to lose to a low hand later on. It is important that you note what cards have been played on the table, and which are still in play. Learning to memorize the cards is one of the best winning strategies available, so make sure that you learn this trick early on. Once you know how to count the odds of winning using this method, your chances of being able to win will increase dramatically.

The main cards combos in 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo includes a pair, with the twos being the lowest and the aces and kings being the highest pair in the deck. When you play hi-lo, even though the high hand usually wins, if you have more than one pair of low cards, then your chances of winning are good. If you have learned how to memorize the cards that have been played, then your chances of winning with a lower hand are even better.

You can also win using a straight, which is five cards that are in numerical order. The low hand, on a straight, begins with the ace, two, three, four and five. For a high hand straight in 7 card stud Hi-Lo, you will want to have the ten, jack, queen, king and ace. With this hand, you won’t have to worry too much about losing unless you have noticed that someone else may have a straight, as well. If you happen to have a Royal Flush, then there is little chance of losing at all.

Low and High Hands

The low hands for 7 card stud hi-lo have to be five cards that are all lower than eight and no two of the same number, like ace, two, three, four, five, or two, three, five, six, eight. The low hand will only win half of the pot at the most. If you have a low hand, then you will have to watch how the other players are betting, and which cards have been played on the table. This is one place where it is easy to overestimate the chances of winning, so bet carefully with a low hand.

Check or Bet?

Seven card stud is played with there being two cards dealt face down and one face up. You can bet or fold after the first card dealt face up. This card is called first street, and so on until there are five cards on the table. After each card is played, you will have the chance to bet, check, or fold. If you think you may have a good hand, but are not sure, then you can check to see what the other players are going to do.

After all the bets are placed, the first person that bet the most has to show his/her cards. If there is a low card hand along with the winning hand, you will end up splitting the pot. Even though the high hands in 7 card stud hi-lo wins most of the time, there are those occasions where the pot is split for another player with the low hand, too.

Watch Other Players

You have to watch the other people’s cards to see what they have showing to see if you think that you can win. If they have four cards that look like they go together in any way then it is very possible that they have five good cards that can win. If they have four cards to a straight then they could have the fifth card. Watching the cards that are being played, and the way that other people are betting, is the best way to win at seven card stud hi-lo.